A funny physic based puzzle game that combines logic puzzles and simple storyplot.


Keys used in the game

Completely controlled by mouse


Werebox 2 is another physic based puzzle game. In Werebox 2 the player can interact with the characters by mouse control. Clicking on a character (the werebox) change it from ball shape to cube shape and vice versa. This obviously affects the way they behave under the effect of gravity. The objective of the game is to throw out of the screen all the red wereboxes while maintain on the screen the others.  Some items are also present  to add variety to the game such as platforms that can be destroyed by clicking on it, exploding devices and arrows that change the gravity direction.

One of the features that makes this game different from the many other physic based puzzle game is that it tries to integrate a story that unfolds as the player progresses through the 30 levels of the game. The story is presented in the form of cutscenes and it puts the player in the role of a cop looking for avenge, a soldier fighting to bring democracy and a rock band group. The graphic is of high quality and this also applies to sound. The cutscenes feature real speech as well as subtitles.

Game Score : 85%