A short but funny point and click adventure that mixes inventory based puzzles and action sequences.

Keys used in the game
Completely controlled by mouse


In Warface the player plays the role of Walker, a gangster that must kill a mob boss, owner of a night club where the action takes place. The game is a point and click adventure played sometimes in the first person view and sometimes in third person view. Much part of the game consists in puzzle solving, the player must use the collected objects that are stored in the inventory to work out problems and advance in the game. There are however also some action sequence where timing is critical to progress in the game.

Moreover, since the beginning, the player has a gun in the inventory and can use this to kill people in the game. Some people must be killed to advance and collect their objects. The game is very short. It can be completed in 5 minutes and, because of that, no save option is present. There are some points in the game where the player can be killed and, if that happens, a new game must be played from the beginning. Despite this is a very short game, it is not so easy to be completed. In fact, the game can reach a dead end If certain actions are not performed in the right order. The graphic is very well done as is the sound and the game features real speech for the conversations.

Game Score : 84%