A very fun arcade platformer reminescent of the 16 bit period.

Keys used in the game

Left arrow : left
Right arrow : right
Up arrow : jump
A : sword
S : bomb
W : helicopter (on higher levels)


In Super Adventure Pals you are a kid whose stone pal has been kidnapped by the game villain. It is up to you to take on an adventure to defeat the villain and rescue the stone pal. The game is a classic 2D platformer. The kid controlled by the player can jump, use his sword to fight enemies, throw bomb to destroy walls and so on. The game is divided in different world each of 5-7 levels. In each level the player must reach the exit while avoiding all sorts of enemies. Special levels where the player meets other characters and can talk and interact with them are also present. The sound is enjoyable and the graphic very well made.

Game Score : 88%