A first person shooter where the player is a mob killer that must execute members of rival gangs.

Keys used in the game

Mouse control to aim and shoot
Press Spacebar to reload the gun


Sift heads is a first person shooter where the player is hired by a criminal gang to kill members of rival gangs. As a professional sniper the player use the mouse to aim and shoot the different characters on the screen. The game is divided in missions where, to succeed, the player must perform certain actions such as kill all the gangsters in the level or kill a particular characters without hitting innocent people. Between missions the story unfolds by cinematic sequences of very high quality.

The main characteristic of the game is that all the characters are represented by stickmen that play according to their role in the story. The high quality graphic and animations strongly support the background story that is interesting and full of turnarounds. The sound is also good and appropriate for the genre. The difficulty level is on the easy side with very easy beginning and slight difficulty increase on the higher levels. Overall, a very good production that should appeal all the shooter fans.

Game Score : 82%