A very well designed remake of the arcade classic Mappy with updated graphics and sound.


Keys used in the game

Arrow left : left
Arrow right : right
Z : start game/advance to next level/open and close doors
X : instructions (in Japanese)


Ri-Mappy is a remake of the arcade classic Mappy by Namco. The remake updates the original graphics and sound. The main character is no more a mouse cop but a young witch. The player moves in a 2D platform environment using trampolines to access the higher platforms and collect different sort of items. The level is beaten when all the items present are collected. The enemies are represented by girls that chase after the player trying to stop  her. 

The arcade gameplay has been well reproduced and the controls respond well. The enemies can be defeated by using certain doors that release an energy beam capable to destroy the enemies or by knocking them by opening/closing doors. Collecting the items in a particular order (when they are flashing) doubles the points the player scores.  As the original arcade machine, when the player loses all the lives, the game is over and must be re-started from the beginning. Overall, a very well designed remake that should not be missed.

Game Score : 81%