A 2D platform game where the player must reach the right side of the screen jumping from platform to platform and avoiding obstacles.


Keys used in the game

Arrow left : left
Arrow right : right
Arrow up / spacebar : jump
Arrow down : duck


In Reflection the player controls a man silhouette running in a black-and-white world that must reach the right side of the screen to access the next level while avoiding different types of obstacles. The game is action based and requires some jumping skills to overcome the obstacles. The screen is divided in two parts: the upper part shows the regular screenplay with the player, the enemies and the platforms while the lower part shows the vertical mirroring of the screenplay. In the first levels the  mirrored screen shows exactly the same things than the regular screenplay thus the player can avoid to look at it.

However, in more advanced levels the game gets more complicated with invisible platforms/enemies that have only a mirrored image or visible platforms/enemies that don not show their mirrored image. This forces the player to check both the regular screenplay and its mirrored image to overcome all obstacles. The game graphic is very simple with only two colors (black and white). The game consists of two difficulty settings: an easy course (25 levels) and an hard course (10 levels) that can only be unlocked when the easy levels are all completed. A level editor is also present where the player can design his own levels.

Game Score : 73%