A classic arcade shooter remake where a spaceship must face an army of alien eagles.


Keys used in the game

Left arrow : left
Right arrow : right
Down arrow : use energy barrier
Control button : fire


Phoenix is an arcade game released in 1980. It is a single screen shooter with five levels that repeat after the final boss is defeated. In the game the player controls a spaceship that must save the earth from hordes of alien eagles. The spaceship must shoot bullet to the enemies to destroy them. When in critical situation, an energy barrier can be used to destroy enemies near the spaceship. At the beginning of the game there are only regular enemies that can be destroyed with only one shot but later the player is faced by giant eagles and the end boss inside the enemy ship.

Graphic and sound are very primitive. Phoenix revenge does a good job in recreating the feel of the original arcade machine. The graphic is the same as the original game (the sprites from the arcade game have been used) and also the sound is very similar with only minor differences. Regarding the game mechanics, the spaceship fires bullets at an higher rate than the original game and this also applies to the enemies shots. Overall the game is recreated quite faithfully and can appeal to fans of the original arcade game.

Game Score : 80%