A short but funny action adventure game where a young girl must overcome puzzle based obstacles to come back home.

Keys used in the game

Arrow up : jump
Arrow right : right
Arrow left : left
Spacebar : manipulate
A button : show things for a limited time
S button : hide things for a limited time


Nelly is a young girl that lives with his father. One night she goes out trying to catch a butterfly but, when near a big tree, the earth opens under her feet and falls in the underworld. Since then she must survive different obstacles to get back to home safely. The game is action-adventure. Nelly is controlled by keyboard like in any platform game but the game is more puzzle oriented than typical platform game. To access new areas Nelly must collect objects by using her abilities.

At the beginning of the game Nelly can only jump and manipulate things, but after a few levels new skills are acquired. These include the possibility to make appear things for a limited period of time as well as the possibility to hide things. The graphics is cartoon style and grayscale. The sound is neat. The game features an achievement system for collectables that are not strictly needed to advance in the game.  The only drawback is that the game is somewhat short and can be completed in 45 minutes or even less.

Game Score : 77%