Take control of strange creatures to kill a monster in a puzzle game fully controlled by mouse.


Keys used in the game

The game is controlled by mouse



Monster must die is a puzzle game where the player must kill a round shaped monster in order to advance to the next screen. To succeed in killing the monster the player can control four types of creatures, each with different abilities such as rolling on the floor, flying, detonating and so on. The monster is killed when one of these creatures touch it or it falls outside the screen that is achieved by interactively use the abilities of the different creatures on the screen. The game is completely controlled by mouse and the abilities of each creature can be enabled/disabled by simply clicking on it. 

Besides killing the monster, each level has secondary goals such as collecting all the fruits and clearing the level as fast as possible to increase the score. The music is  good and so are the sound effects. The simple game mechanics are very addictive and, once started the game, it is difficult to stop playing before completing all the 24 levels. The main drawback of the game is that it doesn’t last too long. It can be completed in 30 minutes or even less and, after that, the only reason to play again is to collect all fruits in all levels and improve the score.

Game Score : 78%