A puzzle action game where a monkey must work out the way to reach a cup of coffee.


Keys used in the game

Arrow left : left
Arrow right : right
Arrow up : jump
Left mouse button : create monkey
Aiming the gun is controlled by mouse



Making monkeys can be classified as a puzzle action game that combines both the mechanics of a 2D platformer and a puzzle game. The main character is a monkey that must reach a cup of coffee to clear the level. For the first two levels it must succeed only jumping from platform to platform, but later a monkey shooting gun can be used to clear always more intricate levels. When the player shoots a monkey a copy of himself appears that responds to the input keys in the same way as the main character. These monkey copies must then be used to reach higher platforms by jumping on their heads or even making them die to use the dead bodies as jumping platforms.

The game consists of 14 levels of increasing difficulty. The first levels are quite straightforward and need only a couple of jumps to clear the level but as the game progresses it gets harder and harder. The last few levels need smart thinking and fast response with tight time constraints that makes the game even a bit irritating. However the game is addicting and it can be completed in about one hour. The main drawback is that once is over there is not much interest to play it again. Recording the time needed to clear a level and an high score board could have added much more replay value. The background music is neat.

Game Score : 86%