A pixel perfect conversion of the classic arcade machine that suffers of a low frame rate problem.

Keys used in the game

Arrow up : up
Arrow right : right
Arrow left : left
Arrow down : down
Click on “1 play” to insert coin and on “Enter” to start the game


Ladybug is a classic arcade game produced by Universal in the early 80s. In the game the player controls a ladybug that moves in a maze eating some undefined dots while avoiding different insects that want to eat her. While the game mechanics are similar to pacman, the gameplay here is much more complex. First of all, the player can modify the maze layout by moving some of the walls. Moreover, around the maze different items are present such as skulls that kills the player as well as the enemies and letters for the words EXTRA and SPECIAL that allow the player to win an extra life or an extra play. The conversion is perfect regarding graphics, sound and gameplay but it suffers from a low framerate problem.

Game Score : 65%