A  physic based puzzle game where the player must smash fruits by making them collide each other.


Keys used in the game

Completely controlled by mouse


Fruits is yet another physic based puzzle game completely controlled by mouse. In the game the player must smash all fruits present in a level by making them to collide each other. By clicking on the different objects on the screen different events are triggered: some fruits if clicked perform a jump and can eventually break glass platforms, balloons pop and make all the fruits in the nearby to speed up, ropes can be cut producing different sorts of side effects.

The game features 25 levels of increasing difficulty. The game is not easy as most of similar games. Advanced levels are though and also the experienced player will need more than one hour to complete the game. The graphic is colorful and the fruit characters well designed. The background music is neat and well suited for the game. Overall, a very well designed physic based puzzle game that everyone loving the genre should not miss.

Game Score : 86%