A very well done remake of the arcade coin up that throw in characters from many Capcom coin ops.

Keys used in the game
A : left
D : right
W : up
S : down
J : punch
K : jump
L : special


Final Fight is an arcade beat’em up from Capcom of the early 90s. In this remake the original gameplay is almost unchanged: the player must work his way fighting enemies to reach the end of level boss and defeat him. From the three characters of the original game, only one (Guy) can be used. The main novelty of this remake is that the enemies the player must fight are taken from different Capcom arcade games (from Cadillac and Dinosaurs to Knights of the Round to Street Fighter 2). The graphic is identical to the original games since it uses ripped sprites and also the music is the same. The main drawback is that playing Final Fight with arrow keys is really irritating.

Game Score : 88%