A funny puzzle game that combines thinking with a bit of action.


Keys used in the game

Arrow up :  jump
Arrow right : right
Arrow left : left
Spacebar : release assistant


In Doublewin the player controls a strange creature that moves in a 2D landscape and can jump. The objective of each level is to reach a yellow heart shaped item that allows the player to progress to the next level. In order to win the level the player must use the creature to enable/disable switches that cause platforms to move. In some levels the creature can create a limited number of assistant creatures (indicated by a number above the creature) that can help to perform the actions needed to clear the level.

When an assistant is created (by pressing the spacebar) the creature change to a sleep mode and the player controls the assistant. By pressing the spacebar again the assistant is destroyed and the creature can be controlled again. A background music is played during gameplay and options are present to disable both music and sound effects. The game features 18 levels and the difficulty level is on the easy side. It can be beaten in less than 30 minutes.

Game Score : 70%