A point-and-click adventure where a brave knight must conquer a kingdom.


Keys used in the game

Completely controlled by mouse


Chance a lot is a third person view point and click adventure where the player takes the role of a brave knight that must conquer a kingdom. All the action happens in fixed screen levels where the knight must perform a series of actions that lead him to destroy the evil tower that rules each level. The player controls no inventory and the actions are performed by simply clicking on the different objects. This makes the game extremely simple so that also novice player can enjoy the game.

The game use a black siluette graphic for all the characters and the environment. The sound perfectly fits the medieval theme story and the animation are funny enough to appeal the player until the end of the game. As other games from the same authors, it is extremely short and easy. It will not happen to be stuck on a level for more than a few minutes and the whole game can be completed in 20 minutes or even less. Nevertheless is a little funny game that can be enjoyed as soon as it lasts.

Game Score : 78%