An horror point and click adventure where the player must find ten marbles hidden in an haunted house.


Keys used in the game

Completely controlled by mouse


Cellar door is a first person horror point-and-click adventure. The game begins in a cellar in an old decaying house where a ghost girl tells you to find ten magical marbles so to allow to uncover the secret of the house. From now the player has ten minutes to find out the ten marbles before time runs out. The gameplay is very primitive. All you have to do is to navigate the different rooms of the house and click to find hotspots that hide the marbles. There is no inventory and there are no puzzles to solve.

The graphic is high resolution (960x660) and realized with photorealistic images. Here and there some cinematic sequences are played that allow more deep experience for the player. The sound and music are also of high quality: creepy music and sound effects make the player experience much similar to watching an horror movie. A big drawback is the navigation system: very inaccurate such that most of the time it is easy to lose orientation and waste precious time. Overall, a game very well designed in the artistic part and ruined by primitive and inaccurate gameplay.

Game Score : 65%