A mouse controlled  action game where the player must escape from a school while avoiding the guardians.


Keys used in the game

Completely controlled by mouse


Breaking out – school of hell is a short action flash game. The player must escape from a school by reaching, in each level, a door that leads to the next level. While doing this, he must also avoid to be discovered by the guardians that roam around the room. The guardians have a flashlight that lightens a zone ahead and the player must not enter in this lighted zone. The game use a bird fly view where all the action is seen from above. Some barrels are present where the player can hide, waiting for the way to be free.

The main problem of the game is its control system. While controlling the player with the four arrow keys should have been the most reasonable choice, the developer has chosen for a more unusual option. The game is completely controlled by mouse: by clicking on a particular spot, the player tries to reach that point in the same way as in any third-person point-and-click adventure game. The problem is that often this results in the player being stopped by some obstacles. This brings much frustration in the game due to the unresponsiveness of the control system. Moreover, the game is really very short, with only six levels that can be beaten in 10 minutes or even less.

Game Score : 25%