Beat the House is a poker simulator. Before each hand the player can select the amount of money to bet. Then the game begins by pressing DEAL. The computer provides the player with 5 random generated cards and the player has the possibility to hold or discard each of the cards. By pressing DEAL again the discarded card are replaced with other random generated cards. After each hand the player can save the score and quit. The game is over when the player loses all the money.

The player win the hand if one of the following combination is achieved:

ROYAL FLUSH                       pays 1000 x amount of bet
STRAIGHT FLUSH                 pays 200 x amount of bet
4 OF A KIND                          pays 80 x amount of bet
FULL HOUSE                         pays 20 x amount of bet
FLUSH                                    pays 14 x amount of bet
STRAIGHT                              pays 10 x amount of bet
3 OF A KIND                          pays 6 x amount of bet
2 PAIR                                    pays 4 x amount of bet
JACKS OR BETTER                pays 1000 x amount of bet


Keys used in the game
Click on the options and cards with the mouse.
+/- to increase/decrease the sound volume.
Key S to turn on/off the sound.