A remake of the classic arcade hit Arkanoid where a paddle shaped spaceship must destroy all bricks to access the next level.

Keys used in the game

Left arrow : left
Right arrow : right
Spacebar : start game / fire (when available)


Arkanoid can be considered as the sequel to an arcade game Breakout, released many years before (late 70s). In Arkanoid the player takes control of a paddle shaped spaceship that must win level after level to face and destroy the final boss that threatens the universe. Each level is fixed screen and presents a layout of colorful bricks. The player must control the paddle to bounce the ball against the bricks without leaving it to go outside of screen. Most bricks are destroyed by a simple ball hit but others require two hits and some can not be destroyed.

Sometimes when a brick is destroyed a power-up is released. The power-ups provide different abilities such as the ability to shoot, to stop the ball on the ball, to enlarge the paddle, to slow down the ball as well as the possibility to win an extra life. Sound and graphic are arcade perfect. The main drawback is that the game features only 20 of the 32 levels of the original arcade game. Moreover, the original arcade machine featured analog control that was much more appropriate than the keyboard control used in this game.

Game Score : 66%