An action puzzle game where a pink bunny must rescue wounded mates and bring them back to the hospital camp.


Keys used in the game

Left arrow, A : left
Right arrow, D : right
Up arrow, W : jump
Down arrow : take/drop wounded mate
E : perform action


Angel of the battlefield is a game where the player controls a pink nurse bunny that must rescue and bring back to the hospital camp some wounded mates. In each level there are some wounded mates and the objective to rescue them is accomplished by exploring the 2D environment looking for the mate and, at the same time, avoiding the various enemies/obstacles present in the level. The game rates the player depending on the time spent to clear the level. Clearing fast the level allows the player to earn stars (up to three for each level).

In some levels are also present switches and levers that, when activated, perform certain actions, such as moving platforms and turning off deadly laser beams. The game features 20 levels: 16 levels are of the standard find-and-rescue-mates while 4 levels requires the player to walk on mine blocks that blow after few second. The objective is to clear all blocks without being blown up in a limited time. The background music is neat. The collision system could have been better. The game features achievements for different actions such as saving a certain number of mates, collecting a target number of stars and so on.

Game Score : 84%